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Greenville Pharmacy
Address: 2705 Correctionville Rd, Sioux City, IA 51105, United States | Phone: (712) 258-0113 | Website: https://www.greenvillepharmacy.com/

I’ve been using Greenville Pharmacy since we moved to the area in 1993… Can’t remember who we used before them. The staff has always been warm and welcoming… Quick with a smile and helpful beyond what I have seen at the Large CORPORATE Drug Stores. I actually went to a doctor yesterday, and when he looked at my Pharmacy of Record, he smiled and repeated the name and, “Sounds like a really nice place. It reminds me of a nicer time!”I must agree with him and order Modafinil.

Came here for my son’s Covid vaccine. I had to go to them after 30 minutes of waiting to get the vaccine after check-in. No one else is waiting. Ridiculous to have patients waiting this long when they have an appt. Not one other person came in for a vaccine at that time, so there should have been no wait. I watched 2 pharmacy techs go get snacks and drinks and just chill out talking while my son’s anxiety grew and grew. Need to be better at being conscious of their customers.

Ivira Pharmacy
Address: 2500 W 4th St Ste 1, Wilmington, DE 19805, United States | Phone: (302) 660-8847 | Website: https://www.ivirahealth.com/

I had the most pleasant call with Ivira Pharmacy early morning on April 12th, 2021, regarding ordering Modafinil pills. Mr. John was so pleasant and helpful that I chose this company as my wheelchair provider. I am looking forward to working with them and supporting their business. Kindness and good two-way communication go a long way. It makes a business stand out amongst others for being one of the best. Thanks for all you do!

It’s funny/ironic how the company quotes Gandhi on their website yet Dr. Kal took it upon himself to follow me to my car and HARASS me about parking in one of the designated spots for the pharmacy for no more than 12 minutes while his employees park in the front of the building in a lot with VERY limited parking as is. He promotes a “healthy” community” but belittles me by telling me in a childish voice not to cry when my car gets towed. Maybe practice what you preach?

Prices Corner Pharmacy
Address: 3311 Old Capitol Trail Suite B, Wilmington, DE 19808, United States | Phone: (302) 668-1470 | Website: https://www.pricescornerpharmacy.com/

When I left town without Provigil, Stephanie at Prices Corner Pharmacy was extremely helpful. Even though it was the very end of her day, on a Saturday night, she searched for open pharmacies in my area. Since none were open after 6 pm, she promised to call in my prescription the next morning. She called to let me know it was accepted, and Modafinil was filled at a pharmacy close to me. Thanks, Stephanie, for going above and beyond!

Horrible experience at this location, if your doctor called Modafinil prescription in at like 9 am you won’t receive it till like 5 pm, and if you try to call the pharmacy, it takes 30 minutes for them to answer, and then when you’re ready to pick it up, you have to wait another 30 min because 20 people in line ahead of you, I don’t understand why they are so extremely slow, slowest pharmacy I have been to.

Address: 3613 Silverside Rd, Wilmington, DE 19810, United States | Phone: (302) 478-1212 | Website: https://concord-pharmacy.business.site/

Amazing experience getting my Modafinil. I transferred my prescription from a different pharmacy as there is always an issue and missed a couple of days of taking it. The moment I transferred it to this location, not even 24 hours after I got it, so I am very satisfied with the customer service and the initiative to order extra Modafinil tablets for the following month as I can’t have it in bulk. Thank you, Diane, from CONCORD PHARMACY, for your help. I so much appreciate it.

Absolutely ridiculous!!! I was told 2 hours, 5 hours ago. I was told 15 minutes, 45 minutes ago! People are sick. No one wants to sit here this long. I understand a place being super busy but don’t quote times if things aren’t going to be ready. Allow folks to rest and come back when things are ready.